About Chippin Gift Card

  • About Chippin Gift Card
This unique gift card is FREE to buy and activate. The card is fully valued by what you pay!
It is used by recipient to get his/herself a gift in any participating store [See “participating Stores” page] or can purchase from this Website by entering the values of the Bar-code on the back of the card at checkout. Recipient will be credited the full amount on his/her card!

How to obtain and activate Chippin Gift Card

There are multiple ways to Obtain and activate this card

  1.  With Chippin APP [smartphone application] where you can chip in with friends and family. Gift/Fund starter will receive an Email to activate.
  2. Can be ordered and/or activated on this Website [“Chippin Gift Card” Page].
  3. Email us at Info@chippin.app to order and/or activate.